A car for every mood.

The Avis fleet comprises quite the range of rides, whether you need a small hybrid for efficient bursts across town or an executive saloon engineered to turn a client's head.

Perhaps you're searching for a fitting accompaniment to a romantic road trip, or a machine massive enough for an extended family holiday. What about a herculean 4x4 that can handle anything the ter-rain and the weather throw at you?

To hire the perfect drive, explore the Avis fleet below or book your journey now.

  1. Can I choose the color and car model?
    Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the color and car model of your hire car. Usually you choose a car group, not a specific make or model. We’ll show you an example from that group to give you a clear idea of the type of vehicle you will get.
  2. Do you hire luxury cars?
    Yes we do. Hire from our Prestige range and you could find yourself behind the wheel of a sporty Boxster, executive Mercedes or electric car such as Tesla.
    We’re always updating our fleet to offer you the latest models. Discover our Prestige range.
  3. Will my hire car come with full tank of fuel?
    Yes, a full tank is provided and must be refilled at renter’s expense on return. Otherwise there will be a surcharge of HK$300 for refilling fuel for customer.
  4. Can I have an additional driver?
    Yes, of course. We understand you want to share the joy with others, so we make it easy for you to add another driver.
    Your additional driver will simply follow the same hire rules as you.
  5. Is there any delivery and collection charge?
    Yes, there is. We charged per trip.
    Hong Kong Island or Kowloon HK$180
    New Territories HK$360
    Double charge on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and outside office hour.
  6. How old do I need to be to hire a car?
    To hire a car in Hong Kong, you need to hold Hong Kong identity card with minimum 25 years of age and have held a Hong Kong Driving Licence for over 24 months. (Probationary Driving Period excluded)
  7. If I am a foreigner, how do I hire a car with Avis Hong Kong?
    To hire a car in Hong Kong, you need to hold valid passport with minimum 25 years of age. Your passport must show the immigration date and a “Visitor stamp” from the immigration department. You must also hold Overseas Driving Licence for over 24 months from date of issue. (or attached with a valid International Driving Licence if necessary).
  8. Are there any extra charges on top of the standard hire price?
    Additional charge will be incurred for optional items such as additional equipment and “Optional charge to reduced damage insurance deductible”. Please bear in mind your booking fee will never include any parking or traffic violations fee.
  9. What does “Optional charge to reduced damage insurance deductible” mean?
    We will hold a fixed amount of deposit from your credit cards as Insurance Deductible for each rental. You may choose to upgrade your insurance coverage by paying for the “Optional charge to reduced damage insurance deductible”, then your damage deductible will be reduced.
  10. When I hire a car, what insurance does Avis Hong Kong include?
    The rates include insurance cover against:
    • Legal liability for HK$100,000,000.00 in respect of death or body injury to third party. In case of accident, damage, or theft, the hirer is liable for the corresponding insurance deductible that listed in the price list.
    • Third party property damage subject to a maximum of HK$500,000.00.
  11. What if I have an accident?
    If you are involved in an accident, please:
    • Contact Avis Hong Kong within office hour.
    • Call the emergency services hotline outside office hour at 9484 1860 or 5112 6608.
    • Write down the names and addresses of anyone involved, including witnesses.
    • Make sure it’s safe to leave your hire vehicle.
    • Complete the accident claim form as assisted by our staff.
    • Don’t get your hire vehicle repaired without speaking to us first. This is so we can make sure the vehicle is repaired to the highest standards by a manufacturer or authorized repairer.