11.11 Single’s Day Limited Offer

Mark your calendar on 11.11 and enjoy the limited offer with the Avis Hong Kong! Plan your next trip with us to enjoy up to 35% discount on Car Group D, G and H from Avis Fleet and Tesla Model S P85, Mercedes-AMG C 43, Porsche Macan S and the hidden car model from Avis Prestige Fleet!


BMW 1 Series/ Mercedes-Benz A-Class (Group D)
Weekly: HK$ 5,120 (Original price: HK$6,400)
Monthly: HK$ 10,010 (Original price: HK$ 15,400)

Audi A5 Sportback/ Mercedes-Benz GLA (Group G)
Weekly: HK$ 5,760 (original price: HK$ 7,200)
Monthly: HK$ 11,570 (Original price: HK$ 17,800)

BMW 5 Series/ Mercedes-Benz CLA (Group H)
Weekly: HK$ 6,720 (Original price: HK$ 8,400)
Monthly: HK$ 13,455 (Original price: HK$ 20,700)

Tesla Model S P85 (Avis Prestige Fleet)
Monthly: HK$ 18,200 (Original price: HK$ 28,000)

Mercedes-AMG C 43 (Avis Prestige Fleet)
Monthly: HK$ 22,750 (original price: HK$ 35,000)

Porsche Macan S (Avis Prestige Fleet)
Monthly: HK$ 25,350 (Original price: HK$ 39,000)

Hidden Car Model (Avis Prestige)
Monthly: HK$ 22,750 (original price: HK$ 35,000)


Reservation Hotline: (852) 2882 2927 / 2890 6988


Terms & Conditions:
1. This special offer is only applicable for renting Avis Fleet Group D, Group G and Group H with special weekly or monthly rate for Porsche Macan S, Mercedes-AMG C 43, Tesla Model S P85 and Hidden Car Model (stated above) from Avis Prestige Fleet with special monthly rate.
2. The minimum age to rent with Avis is 25 years old with Hong Kong identity card and must hold Hong Kong Driving Licence for over 24 months. For Avis Prestige, the minimum age is 30 years old with Hong Kong identity card and must hold Hong Kong Driving Licence for over 36 months. (Probationary Driving Period excluded)
3. For foreigner, the oversea Driving Licence will need to have been held for 36 months at the time of rental (or attached with a valid international Driving Licence if the oversea Driving Licence is not in English). Passport must show the immigration date and a “Visitor Landing Slip” from the Immigration Department.
4. Customer must complete the reservation on or before 11st November, 2018.
5. Customer must return rental car on or before 14th December, 2018.
6. This special offer is applicable for telephone reservation only.
7. This offer can only be used at Avis Hong Kong.
8. This offer cannot be exchanged for cash, gift or cash vouchers.
9. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
10. Deposit must be collected in advance, and non-refundable.
11. In case of any disputes, Avis Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision.

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