Experience the unique travel with AVIS and Wifi Egg

Here is your great opportunity to enjoy a unique travel with AVIS and Wifi Egg!
Come rent with us and enjoy the following special rental rate.

Customers of Wifi Egg can enjoy the special car rental offers as below:

- 5% discount of local point to point chauffeur service at Avis Hong Kong(book now).
- 20% discount of local daily car rental at Avis Hong Kong (book now).
- The unique coupon code will be provided by staffs of Wifi Egg.

Customers of Avis Hong Kong can enjoy the special wifi egg rental offers as below:

- Get 1 day free rental of wifi egg if the amount is not less than HK$200 (book now).
- Get the coupon code here
- This offer is only applicable in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Terms and Conditions

- The above offers are only applicable to customers of Avis Hong Kong and Wifi Egg.
- Reservation must be made in advance, and present the receipt or No. of bill as proof.
- In the event of any disputes, Avis Hong Kong reserved the right final arbitration.
- The above promotion will be expired on 31st August, 2018.

*Terms & Conditions applied.