Avis HK$1500 COUPON Terms & Conditions
Avis 港幣1500元現金券條款及細則



1. 憑此優惠券於預訂月租形式自駕時享有港幣1500元折扣優惠。
2. 此優惠券並不適用於 Avis 車隊中組別A之車輛。車輛款式及顏色需視乎實際供應情況而定。
3. 每位用戶只可使用此優惠券一次並須提前預訂。
4. 客戶於預訂時需出示此優惠券方能享用此優惠。
5. 此優惠券只限於電話或門市預約。
6. 此優惠券有效期為2021年2月16日至2021年11月30日。實際使用日子需視乎當日車輛供應情況而定。
7. 此優惠券只適用於汽車租賃費用,並不包括額外附加費用。
8. 此優惠券不可兌換成現金,禮品或現金優惠券。
9. 此優惠券不可與其他促銷或優惠一起使用。
10. 此優惠券只適用於 Avis Hong Kong 使用。
11. 如有任何爭議,Avis Hong Kong 將保留最終決定權。


Terms & Conditions

1. Customers can enjoy monthly self-drive HKD$1500 off on their booking.
2. This coupon is not applicable on Group A in Avis Fleet. Car models and colours are subject to availability.
3. Each eligible customer can only enjoy the offer once. Reservation must be made in advance.
4. Customers who want to enjoy this special offer, must show this coupon when making reservations.
5. This coupon is applicable for in-store and telephone reservations only.
6. This coupon is valid from 16th February 2021 to 30th November 2021. The actual rental days are subject to availability of vehicles.
7. This coupon is applied to the car rental fee only and the other extra fees are excluded.
8. This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash, gift or cash vouchers.
9. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
10. This coupon can only be used at Avis Hong Kong.
11. In case of any disputes, Avis Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision.